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2020 and beyond

WorkSphere redefines employee performance reporting and career management using data points harnessed directly from the daily workplace. The concept of annual employee performance reporting is outdated and cannot keep up with the pace of change in today's workplace that is increasingly data driven. You can only improve what you can measure.

WorkSphere is a Software as a Service accessible using any device through web browsers and internet connection. No download or installation required.

WorkSphere for Employers & Management - Unlock the potential of your workforce.

For Employers and Employees

WorkSphere empowers leaders to make informed business and workforce decisions in real-time, supported with precise context and evidence using our innovative visualised performance snapshot.

For employees, Worksphere innovation helps you to define a better value proposition through your performance reporting to your managers and employer.

Employee Value.

People, business and society changes day to day. WorkSphere offers fidelity in measuring workforce performance and impact to business in real-time.

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