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Headspace, hAPI


Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation which began in 2006. Each year, headspace help's thousands of young people, and their family and friends, access vital support through their headspace services in over 154 communities across Australia, and via online and phone counselling services, vocational services, and presences in schools.

Atlasopen builds, maintains and continually extends the core headspace Application Platform Interface (hAPI), a large scale data collection application that captures information from all services provided to Young People receiving support services daily.

With over 13,000,000 survey's completed and 650,000 young people across Australia's network of 155 centres, hAPI serves a critical function for Australian's seeking mental health services. Each day hAPI collects data from thousands of Young Australian's seeking and receiving help, receiving support from clinicans across our vast country. Surveys are issued to all Young People visits from both the Young Person and Service Providers point of view.

With millions of records of health data collected we help clinicans manage and analyse behaviours, illnesses and issues that face young individuals today.

Multi-tenanted user application. Young People, Centre staff and Headspace administrators.

hAPI is a dynamic data collection system used by headspace to collect data from their clinicians and patients, and is used daily by patients and centre staff over headspace's 155 centres, collecting over 6000 surveys daily, tracking patient progress and outcomes. It provides essential analytics back to centres to ensure their patient treatments are correct.

The platform has been developed with extensibility as a core feature, as headspace wants to support their current program offerings but also allow for future programs.

hAPI has three components:

  • A website where Centre Staff interact daily to view and fill out data related to Young People
  • A mobile optimised web-app for Young People to interact with on their own mobile devices or the tablets they are given at the centres (before their sessions)
  • A website where headspace administrators can add, edit and manage the program information (e,g add new questions or display rules, translations etc)..

Redevelopment of hAPI 2.0

Survey Creation and Management

After winning the headspace tender Atlasopen tookover hAPI 2.0. hAPI 2.0 envolved from hAPI 1.0 and realised the following redevelopment areas:

  • Survey management: allowing headspace to add/edit/delete all survey data in fine detail
  • Survey enhancement: allowing greater features within the surveys such as more question types
  • Program creation: allowing headspace to create new programs without requiring custom development
  • Data versioning: allowing survey data models to evolve without affecting historical data
  • Data integrity: allowing customisable validation rules and response types for data collection

In addition, the application needed to be future-proofed so that it could be enhanced and updated at any point in the future to reflect the current model of support that headspace provides Young People. We set about building hAPI 2.0 as a re-envisioned platform, hosted on Azure and built using VueJS, Bootstrap CMS on the front end, Laravel on the back end and integrated to a MS SQL database. In doing so we also set up a pipeline for automated deployments and testing and provided headspace with comprehensive technical documentation and data dictionaries.

The application is developed and supported by the Atlasopen development team through regular projects and enhancement sprints. In addition, the original design goals of hAPI 2.0 have been realised through the creation of several new programs and constant survey enhancement and versioning.

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